Annecy is a little charming city of the French Alps. 
Annecy is famous for its old town and its big lake surrounded by mountains.
Landscape is really beautiful in Annecy.  

Annecy construction started during the Roman Empire before JC on a hill near the lake. This is the actual location of Annecy-le-Vieux.  

During the Medieval time, in the 11 centuries was built a new city near the river and the lake. A lot of shops owner build their shops there, using the natural power of the lake and river.
This is the actual city centre old town part of Annecy.  

The first Carrefour Supermarket was born in Annecy in 1960 by the association of the Badin Family, Fournier Family and Defforey Family shop owner.   

You can discover Annecy with 3 different trails:  

  • Annecy by the lake
  • Annecy by the canals
  • The old town of Annecy  

The main things to see in Annecy are

  • The old town of Annecy with its shops and restaurants
  • The lake of Annecy
  • The canals
  • The castle
  • The gardens near the lake (Les Jardins de l'Europe and Champ de Mars)
  • Eglise Saint François
  • Eglise Notre Dame de Liesse
  • Eglise Saint Maurice
  • The beach of Annecy, near the lake
  • Canoe, paddle and boat renting on the lake  

Take half a day, to a day to enjoy your stay in Annecy!  

A sample of Annecy:

How to get to Annecy:  

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