Clubing LogoIf we call Paris "City of Light" this is for a reason. Parisian's Nightlife is amazing!
We have so many plans that I'll give you the main tips here, but feel free to complete with our event list or the top 5 places to party in Paris !

Afterwork :

If you want to chill after you working day, the best place to go is on the bank of the Seine, in a nice park in summer time!

If you prefer to chill out in terasse, have a look in the popular district listed below ;)


Check our event list to see when we are planning the next party for international student.
Apart from that you'll find clubs in popular district or close to Champs Elysées avenue.

You can peak a sneak also at our top 5 Places to Party in Paris ;)

Meeting FriendsPub:

You will find nice Pubs to meet your friends in popular night's districts.

Popular districts:

The best places to go during the night in Paris. Those places are simply amazing with lights and monuments.
Moulin Rouge by NightYou can meet your friends in a pub or go to the club. It's also a good choice to have an amazing pub crawl.

  • Montmartre-Moulin Rouge: this is the red light district. French cancan, sex shops and clubs are everywhere.


  • Quartier Latin: A cheerful Parisian place who never sleeps!


  • Bastille: Popular place for French students who go there with friends for a drink after school.


  • Tour Eiffel: Just go there one time to admire the view. Stay in Trocadéro and wait every hour for the sparkling time ;).

Paris by Night

Pub Crawls:

Pub Crawls is a way to chill out and meet new people in a Pub while discovering Popular District by night at the same time.
Click here to discover a selection of Pub Crawls


Have fun party people,

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