Travelling in France


Travel in FranceSo you’ve started to explore Paris and it’s region but you still want to discover more about France ?!
You’re definitely right!!!
Pay a close look to the following because we are going to give you the best tips to travel around France for the tiniest price ever ;)
Here we go!

Travelling by Train

Probably the easiest and fastest way to reach the main French cities while travelling with friends you will be able to book your TGV, or regional train ticket on a single website. –  to organize your trip, to book your TGV or Regional Train Tickets. – To find the cheapest price to organized your trip and book TGV or Regional Train Tickets – to book your low cost TGV train ticket

Travelling by Bus:

Probably the cheapest but also the longest way to travel around France, several buses company will take you to the main cities of the French countryside. – Travelling in France by bus - - Travelling in France and all around Europe by bus

Travelling by Car:

You want to lost you in a place where there is no public transportation, or you prefer to be free of transportation schedule… for you travelling by car is the best option ;)

FlixCar - - Carpooling in France and all around Europe –  Car rentals, renting a car directly to a car owner: - Car rentals, Renting a car from a car renting company


Hitchhiking is not so common in France, but you can try to thumb a ride to travel and discover the countryside.
To hitchhike you have to follow some simple rules:
First, it will be easier for you to thumb a ride if you are alone or two. When you are a group of 3 or 4 friends’ drivers usually won’t stop due to lack of space in their car.
Second, you better do not have luggage with you or just a small backpack.
Third, you need to place yourself in a spot with lots of light to make the driver able to see you in advance.
Fourth, you need to be in a place where drivers can stop their cars safely e.g. it’s always better if drivers can park on the side of the road than stopping in the middle of the road. 
Fifthly, you have to place yourself in a spot where there is only one or two directions: the drivers must know where you go before he or she stop to takes you in their car!

Consult for more information about hitchhiking.

Travelling by Plane:

The fastest way of travel when you have long distance.
Check to find the cheapest flights.


That’s good, I know have all the clues to travel the countryside but…

What’s best option: Travelling by Plane, Train, Bus, Car, Carpooling… to help you to organize your trip peak a sneak on Rome2Rio!


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