Reims is famous thought the world due to the Champagne heritage of the city.

The city of Reims was developed due to the money earned with the Champagne sales.

The Champagne is probably one of the most known wine in the world.
The Champagne is a luxurious sparkling wine produce in France in the area of Champagne.
The Champagne is popularized with the fact that it's a great wine to celebrate something or to make a party.
The Champagne is also a symbol of elegance and luxury.

The Champagne production started from the middle ages in small abbeys.

To be qualifying as Champagne, the sparkling wine of Champagne needs to respect some requirement.
To mention some of them, the Champagne needs to be produced in the area of Champagne for the benefits of this particular Champagne ground and the grape picking is done manually to get only the best grape to produce the wine.

The Champagne started to become popular in France in the 18 s where rich families that owned the vineyard started to organize some trade in the cities.

During the World War 1 and WW2 the area of Champagne became famous worldwide because they were the field were the battles took place.  

The marketing promotion of the 60's developed the image where the Champagne is the wine to have for great parties or to celebrate something.

I'm quite sure that if you never had the chance to drink real Champagne yet, you've already heard about Champagne in magazines, movies, TV series, video clip and in worldwide nightclubs.

Nowadays if you have this image of France where it's common to chill and have a glass of wine in terrace, you have to know that in Reims that's common to chill after work and have a glass of Champagne in terrace!

Apart from the Champagne heritage, Reims is famous in the French history for its gothic cathedral.  
Notre Dame de Reims was the place where the Kings of France were crowned to become the official King of France. 

Main things to do and see in Reims:

  • Caves de Champagne
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame de Reims
  • Opéra
  • Fontaine de Subé
  • Les Promenades (Park)
  • Porte de Mars
  • Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
  • Place du Forum
  • Place Royale
  • Car Museum
  • Have a glass of Champagne with some Biscuit Rose (pink biscuit of Reims)
  • Eat the Champagne Ice Cream (Trou Champenois)
  • Visit the Champagne vineyard


Take at least half a day if you want to discover Reims and one day if you planned to visit Reims with the Champagne vineyard of cave de Champagne!

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