André Citroën

André Citroën Park is located in the business district of Paris. André Citroën Park is surrounded by a lot of big company offices.
The economic environment surrounding André Citroën Park gives a very modern tone to the park with its urban architecture.

The park was given the name André Citroën due to the fact it is located where the Citroën car factory used to be in Paris.

André Citroën Park has beautiful water jet.

On the Eiffel tower side of André Citroën Park, the park is less urban and has a much more natural feel to it. In this section of the park there are some small gardens which are separated with lines of bushes.  These bushes help gives you some privacy so you and your Erasmus friends can enjoy a picnic! 

A sample of Parc André Citroën:

How to get to André Citroën Park: Parc André Citroën 2 Rue Cauchy, 75015 Paris

  • M10 Javel André Citroën, RER C Javel, M8 Ballard, RER C-T3 Pont du Garigliano
    Bus: 42-88
    Vélib': 15068 Pont du Garigliano – 15058 Moulin de Javel – 15104 Rue Leblanc – 15059, 15070 Rue de Ballard – 15103 Cauchy
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N13 – N62 – N145 Ballard

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