Bastille Port de l'Arsenal

Imagine you could have a relaxing walk along the water in Bastille.
Sounds nice, right?

Well, this is not just your imagination.
I know that the riverbank might not be really visible from Place de la Bastille, but if you walk toward the Opéra Bastille, along the Boulevard de la Bastille Street, you will see on your right a park entrance giving your access to the Canal Saint Martin.
In Bastille Riverside you can enjoy a peaceful walk along the river, a sunny spot to relax, or a picnic with friends!

This peaceful place is called the Jardin du Port de l'Arsenal. Port de l'Arsenal is historically one of the most important ports in Paris.

Yes, we do have private ship owners in Paris even if the city is not located close to the ocean ;p.

In the past Port de l'Arsenal, due to its good location near the historic city center of Paris, was used to deliver construction materials and food to the Parisians.

Today, trading operations have stopped and the port is a peaceful place for leisure and tourism.

By having a walk in Bastille riverside you will be able to

  • See Bastille July Column and the Opera from a different angle than on Bastille Square
  • Discover the last part of Canal Saint Martin just before Seine River
    It is not Seine River that you have in Bastille but a part of Canal Saint Martin. At the end of the canal you will be able to access to the bank of the Seine.
    In the direction of Place de la Bastille, Canal Saint Martin goes under the ground and reappears in la Villette.
  • Relax and have a good time with your friends
  • Access a relaxing escape from the busy city

Along Bastille riverside, you will have this holidays feeling of being in a countryside city near the ocean! 

Have a nice walk ;)

A sample of Bastille Canal Saint Martin Riverside aka Port de l'Arsenal:

How to get to Bastille Riverside: Port de l'Arsenal, Boulevard de la Bastille 75012 Paris

  • M1-5-8 Bastille
    Bus: 20-29-65-69-76-86-87-91
    Vélib' (City Bike): 4007 Bourdon – 4101 Bastille – 11001 Richard Lenoir
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N01-N02-N11-N16 Bastille
  • Maps:

  • More information about Bastille Riverside and Port de l'Arsenal Garden opening hours on

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