Like almost every city and capital city, Paris has its Republic Place.

As Place de la République is not a touristic area, Republic square reveals the everyday way of life, for the inhabitant, in Paris.

If you are a good skater, a roller blader or a BMX enthusiast; Place de la République is the ideal place to enjoy skating sport interests!
Near from Place de la République, you can also skate in Place de la Bastille ;)

Place de la République was constructed during the 2nd empire, in 1850s, when Haussman was in charge to revitalize the city of Paris by making it new and modern.

What a surprise, in the middle of Place de la République, you will see a big bronze statue to honor the French Republic!
This lady statue called "Marianne" is the symbolic women chosen to represent the French Republic.

Under the statue of Marianne, you will be able to see important dates about the French Republic construction, in explicative drawings; and the motto of the French Republic: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood).

The little sister of "Place de la République" is "Place de la Nation" where you will be able to admire the statue of Marianne triumphing for the Republic.

A sample of Place de la République Paris:

How to get to Place de la République: Place de la République, 75003 Paris

  • M3-5-8-9-11 République
    Bus: 20-56-65-75
    Vélib' (City Bike): 3004-11046 République
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N01-N02-N23-N141 République
  • Maps:

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