Jussieu - Austerlitz - Bercy

Discover Notre Dame's Cathedral from the bank of the Seine!

For sure, one of the best views to admire  Notre Dame's Cathedral is from the bank of the Seine ;)

And its pity that most tourists are missing this view just because they only have few days to visit the city, so sightsee looks kind of rushy for them...

But, because you live in Paris you are lucky to have time to discover the whole Paris without rush… so you should, at least once, see Notre Dame's Cathedral from the bank of Seine.

The best spot to see the Cathedral from Seine Riverside is on Rive Gauche, the "left bank" or "south bank" of the Seine according to the map, on Quai de la Tournelle located just in front of Ile Saint Louis.

This part of the Seine Riverside knows as Rive Gauche Jussieu - Austerlitz - Bercy bank of the Seine. Rive Gauche bank of the Seine is so much more than just a view on Notre Dame's Cathedral.

You should go along the river especially during summer time with your friends ;)

For your knowledge, you are able to go along Seine Riverside from Saint Michel Notre Dame to Quai de la Gare which is located just in front of Bercy Park.

In front of Austerlitz Station you will have along the riverside a nice park to chill out, to go for a walk or to do sports during days.

And during nights, especially during summer night's people go to Rive gauche Jussieu and Austerlitz riversides to have an aperitif with their friends, to dance the Salsa as well as other Latin dances and to listening good music. You may even want to schedule a party on a boat upon the Seine!

Going to Rive Gauche Jussieu - Austerlitz - Bercy bank of the Seine at night, is something you should experience as an Erasmus ;)

You will be able to enjoy fully the nightlife on the Rive Gauche bank of the Seine, according to the weather, from May to the end of September.

A sample of Rive Gauche Jussieu - Austerlitz - Bercy bank of the Seine:

How to get to Seine Rive Gauche Jussieu-Austerlitz-Bercy Riverside?

  • M6 Quai de la Gare, M5-10 RER C Gare d'Austerlitz, M7-10 Jussieu, M4 RER B-C Saint Michel
    Bus: 21-24-38-47-57-61-63-67-85-86-87-89-96
    Vélib' (City Bike): 5107 Quai de la Tournelle Pontoise – 5020 Quai Saint Bernard – 13104 Austerlitz – 903 Quai de la Gare – 13123 François Mauriac Bercy
    Noctilien (Night Bus): N131-N133 Gare d'Austerlitz and Quai de la Gare, N01-N02-N31 Gare d'Austerlitz, N14-N21 Cité Palais de Justice, N15-N22 Cité Palais de Justice or Cité Parvis Notre Dame, N11-N12-N13-N14-N15-N16-N21-N22-N23-N24-N122-N144-N145 Châtelet
  •  Maps:

  •  Bank of the Seine Rive Gauche Jussieu Austerlitz Bercy open 24.7

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